<33 (turtledance3248) wrote,

sunday-hung out with hallie and ally.they left..then krysta came over then we went to the diner then back to krystas...played mall madness!! best game!!

monday- i had my sat tutor then went to the diner with family friends then went to marissas that was fuN! music alll niught lol and then jeffrey picked me up so late 12 30 ah!

tuesday - got a hair cutttt hmmm went shopping wiht my mom then i dont think i went out

wed..jess came over then ally we went out to dinner then ally went home and jess and i went dt closter then came home and hung out at myhouse till 11 30 then she went home

thurs- too tired to go out

fri- well thats tonite.. ithink i am oging ti its greek to me with ally and del and maybeh ally havent been there in a long time !!
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