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missing my friends!

ok so this has been a loong week!

i have no clue what i did wed or tuesday for that matter.

thursday-ally came over and we maded rice crispie treats and they were yummy! i dont know what else probably just chilled

fri-ally came over again and we watched white noise..BIG mistake! we were screaming that my brother came up and yelled at us. we were both like hyperventilating and i was freaking out. we didnt finsish. then jeffrey had to like walk her out cuase she was too scared

sat -ally came over and we finished the movie..then its started to POUR major! then she left. thhenn jess came over like later at night. we walked to the pizza place dt..then came home bbegged jeffrey to bring us dt closter..negitive then tried dd but he said no and his friends were yelling at him it was funny. so we walked to dunkin donuts and sat there for awhile then walked home. then just chilled

sun-didnt do anything..cleaned..read ...at night i played tennis with my dad

i am really begining to miss nicole and marissa now. its like a long time. this is hte longest i have gone not talking to marissa! not nicole i dont think but i am not sure cause she has gone away over the summer. so yea. but i cant wait for them to come home... they come home tues so like 2 more days!! YAY!

now for ellen ...i am REALLY missing her. this is also the longest i have gone not talking to her. i got an email from her the other day that made me really happy!!!! she said she is having fun and says "hi" to everyone. well she comes home in 20 days!! yay lolll almost made it !

so many of my friends left or are going away this summer
1) marissa-going to st. john in aug :(
2) nicole
3) ellen..when she gets home she is going to maine at some point
4) del
5) amanda/zoie/deb/mk/marni (everyone is leaving)
i think that is more but idk..it seemed like more in my head..OH jess is leaving on a cruise in like 20 days or somthing llol.i hate her for that i want to go on a cruise!

WELL THATS ALL i have a dr appt tomrmow
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