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ugh summer is pretty good i guess...

tuesday-ally came over. We watched thirteen..hah the sequal would be fourteen..hahah and sneaking townstiars your little light jump thing was good.

wed-my parents annicersery ellen was supposed to come over but she had to pack so i slept i was tired from babysitting

thurs- woke up found out i didnt have to babysit :( my mom my mad then ellen andi went to its greek to me...then had to come home THAT second cause jeffrey told us he had a date and had to rush home..ass.! then ellen and i played monopoly then marissa came over..she made a mess of my roooom and dropped things on the floor! UGH she is an ass like my brother thats why they are a good couple!

friday-went to lunch and mall with my mom. got a skirt and 2 shirts from bloomingdales. then went home. then laterrr marissa came over. we watcehd austin powers and just hung. she left she was tired.

thats all!

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