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Ok so summer has officialy started! got my tv back!
so far i have

Thrusady-brothers graduation then went out to dinner with the family.

Friday- got my nails done with ellen. Then went to the bagel store cause her dad wasnt asnwering then we went to tenafly and saw sisterhood of the traveling pants! reallly good! then went to the diner (too much food in one times period) then krysta nicole and ally came over and we walked around town and dumont then went to my house ...krysta was funny..im not gonna lie! lol then they got MEAN and started to throw hershey kiss wrappers at me..well that was nicole!! then they left. when iw as waiting with krysta jeffrey came out and scared the shit out of us.."im not gonna lie it was funny"

saterday- i had a gradaution party then went come then went to olivias with Ellen for 25 min then went home lol 10-10:25. then came ome ands lept

sunday- antoher graduation party then went to ellens nad played YANKEE MONOPLY i won!

monday- started babysitting. had to bring julia to haworth school for some math prograam..she feel on teh way there OYE then i wound up only babysitting for 2 house ugh only 14$. thenn came home now idk if i am going to nicoles or hockey game with ellen or myslef. its jeffreys last hockey game well probably is, so i dont know. ah! nicole should come to the game but she wont!

also, i think marissa dropped of the face of the earth! she hasnt asnwered her cell and isnt online. i MIGHT call her house later so if anyone has heard from her leet me know please! well t hat is all it is raninging like crazy and i dont want to ruin my hair when i go out cuase i just did it! ugh i hate my hair. i dont know if my mom uis going to let me dye it but i really wnat to its too dark and i want it lighter! it will be a good surprised for marissa and nicole to come home too even though marissa doesnt want me to do it nicole wants to see! :) its either going to come out really good or kill my haair now i am just typeing cause i am bored so i am gonna go watch tv or listen to music.!
Tags: my week so far
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