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holy fuck that was like a year ago shittt.. oneo f the best days ever though

alcohol + paintbrush and paint + dana and marissa = too much fun and a biiiiiiiiig mess

i have to give dana credit. i was really scared to let her in my room with a paintbrush and paint. but she did a pretty good job. i taught her some vaulable lessons- like how to dip your brush into the paint properly and not drip it (she didnt understand that one too well), how to paint like the home depot commercial (in W's.. as to leave no streaks), how PAINTING OUTLETS IS NOT THE PROPER THING TO DO (she didnt listen to this rule though.. she did that twice. adn then i spazzed on her).. and yea. a lot more. but i dont remember them.
z100 sucks. we listened to the same 3 songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again. sheesh. but yea. it gave me something to sing to and it gave something for dana to dance to. so its all good. actually. if you would have seen us-- it wouldnt have been good. it was a really ugly sight. but thats ok.

so we made ourselves some fuzzy navel shit. put some rum in it. and o yea. NEVER DRINK RUM STRAIGHT. it is really nasty. but it tasted good mized with peach shit. dana and i blew fuzzy navel bubbles in our drink. some exploded into our eyeballs and faces and all over the kitchen- causing us to have a major cleanup. but it was fun. then later. dana asks for a drink. so i give her brisk icedtea and put it in her water bottle. and its sitting outside of my room, along with all my other shit that was in my room, and my mom walks by and goes "WHAT IS THAT!??!" -- shes an idiot.. she then goes "IS THAT WHISKEY?!??!" haha loser.
thats all i can think of now. the pictures will explain it better. i think only me and dana will understand their funniness though. but thats ok.

</p>and HOW COULD I FORGET.. the classic moment of dana falling asleep. so she tells me last night "marissa, go get the tape so we can start taping the room".. now let me just tell you, the tape was int he closet RIGHT OUTSIDE OF MY DOOR. i go out there and get it. and come back in literally THIRTY seconds. but dana is lying on my bed- passed out. snoring like a fuckin mofo. but thats besides the point. she fell asleep in 30 seconds. freak</p></p>
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