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Well, i got back from aruba last night at 9pm. I went with my family and michelle and jeffreys friend andrew. We had alot of fun! I got really burnt but its going away :( so heres what i did day by day but i am dumb and didnt write it down so i dont know all the details.


We got up at 5:30 am and got ready. Then Michelle came (andrew slept over) then the driver came, he is the funniest person EVER! At the airport this women was so scary in line and she had a shirt that said "bad cat" and was really gross and had her kid and friend and another kid and said, " dont go infront of this lady idk about her" (about my mom it was sooo funny)  So skip to getting there, it was around 3 when we finally got to the airport. It was a 20 min drive to the resort/hotel (whatever you want to call it) and the actual residential area is really like bad, like harlemish like yea i dont know how to explain it. So when we got to the RADISSON(en) we checked in and had to make our way to our tower becuase there were 3 or 4 towers or rooms. Ours was convenintly located by breakfast (Laguna) /the pool/ the beach and the Gillians (the bar, where i pass to bed 18!)So we went to the beach after walking around for a little and getting our bathingsuits on. We laid on chiars for awhile but then got up to my find my mommy and daddy. We had walkie talkies so it was easy to find them ( if we didnt have some poeple speaking spanish on our channel) So then, we walked around and went in the ocean and laid on the beach and got a drink (strawberry daquirri) and walked till dinner. It was pretty good. Considering the menu consisting of mostly fish and steak we were in a rut! i dont like either, but somtimes i eat steak. So i got the Martini salad (so funny it was in a  martini cup andthey tried to trick me) and i got chicken fingers from the kids menu. Then we went across the street to little like souvineer stores and walked around. Oh! and and night we were falling asleep and kristin calls and she was like HEY! and then she called again and waslike "Im coming over" so we got up and had to meet her in the lobby and we hung out for a bit! Oh! michelle spilt her drink at the beach that was funny


We practically had the same routine everyday, so we got up, got dressed and went to breakfast (very good) Then went back to our room, and got our bathingsuits on and went to the beach. My mom wakes up early which is good cuase if you want a hut, let alone a good one you have to be there by 6and they open at 7. SO my mommy got huts everyday for us.So michelle and i went to the hut. this is the day i got really burnt!! like  BAD.  At 1:00 we planned to meet kristin and christina in the lobby on the Hyatt (kristins hotel) So we walked on the beaches to get there. THen they came to our hotel, and we went TUBBING!!!!!!! Christina didnt but we did. It was the BEST tubbing ever!!! We all almost feel out. There are NO words to explain how crazy the guy was driving my parents and christina were in the boat and they were holding on for dear life. We had so much salt in our eyes and mouth by the end. THen, after that experiance we got drinks (this time a pina colada) and christina and i went to the pool and michelle and kristin went to the beach. Then we went back to our room and i got changed cause i was in such pain cause the burn was begining to show. So then we walked  Christina and Kristin back to thier hotel cause my mom saw a bathingsuit at a store in thier hotel that she wanted! A BAKINI! OYE so then we went back to our hotel got showered and ready for dinner at El GAUCHO which was good i had ribs, but i was in such pain from the burnt i was sitting with ice water on my sohulders. At night i think we met up with kristin and christina and chilled at my hotel and looked for friends.


Woke up, got dressed, breakfast, got into bathinsuit beach. I wasnt alloud in the sun becuase i got to burned tuesday, only to go in the water i was. And i had SUN POSIOING on mynose. EWWY so then we were gonna go banana boating but we didnt have enought people. So we just hung out on the beach all day and went to town (not so great)  At night we went to the bar got a drink and then walked to kristins hotel on thebeach as the sun was settings and it was BEAutiful! So we got to kristins and we went to dinner. It was really good. He asked what we wanted to drink, michelle first "coke" cause she didnt know if we would get ided then kristin got strawberry daquiri and i got a green apple martini (soo good) haha i thought there was a lome but it was an apple ( haha christina ) and christina didnt get anythings. but the guy waslike i am gonna trust you i wont id you. So we get teh bill and it said 116.00$$$ so i freaked out 12,00 on the apple martini SHEESH! so yea then we walked around both our hotels. And when we went to mine we were behind this couple and they were going ot a dead end to make out but we followed right begind them thinking they were just wlaking to the lobby and they stiopped and we were there SO AWKWARD! and hten they passed us later and were like "were going this way do you want to follow" we laughed! the cat was our follower haha that was GREAT. then they left and we went to bed! Kristin went home thursday :(


last full day :( So we got up breakfast, dressed, beach.This guy trieing to sell aloe waslike better then viagra and the came up to me and waslike do you want a free rub down baby. We laid there till my brother and his friend got there then we went parasialing. it was soooo much fun. The guy had a marajuana leaf on his cehast tatoo and so that waslike a UT OH and michelle goes hes a smoker then mym om waslike and a toker. so we get on the boat and he said to me if you fall i will be your baywatch. So we all went up and it was fun. Then got showered and got ready for dinner at the flying fishbone! amazing we ate on the beach and watched the sunset geourgeous! then came back went a little shopping and packed. I got shit on by a bird today



we got up walked on the beach saw birds like pretty ones and went to the air port, we were like 10 min into the ride and jeffrey goes SHIT i left my cell phone it was funny. so then we chilled at the airport and came home i had alot of fun and realyl want to go back cause itreally was paridise.


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