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copied from kristen and marissa
i am not starring and w.e to them its too hard

i miss playing that the fan was god with jane nad we had to do what it said like draw puzzles and stuff and jane wouldnt let mecuz i was bad at it
i miss thinking boys had cooties.
i miss getting along with my brother
i miss playing barbies
i miss playing with legos/pogs/pokemon/
i miss thinking my bookbag was heavy when it had 1 book in it.
i miss being best friends with jane
i miss being depressed because i had 30 minutes of homework.
i miss the times when no one cared what you wore (even if i didnt match),
i miss naptime and snacktime.
i miss having my parents arrange my playdates
i miss tattle-taling*
i miss goody bags*
I miss show and tell
i miss gym when we didnt have to change and running was FUN
I miss having a babysitting
I miss birthday parties at the roller rink.*
I miss playing store.
I miss playing school.
I miss soccer!!!
I miss basketbal and softball
I miss how my friends used to treat me
I miss camp as much as i hated it
i miss power rangers.
i miss playing power rangers in kindergarten
i miss barney.
i miss my light up sneakers.*

i miss catching lightening bugs
i miss playing hide and go seek, simon says,  and all those other stupid games.
i miss enjoying spending time with my family instead of thinking it was just taking time away from spending time with friends.
i miss boo-boos.
i miss getting all excited after i got a shot JUST because i was gonna get a sticker.
i miss line leaders
i miss thinking that people who went to bed at 11 were sooo cool.
i miss mr.lewis's class. kinda
i miss when my mom and i got along all the time
i miss thinking that people who drank alcohol were weird
I miss being clueless to everything.
i miss thinking it was crazy that school started at 8:30
i miss preschool.
i miss my having a grandma that liked me
i miss hanging out with Kyle,scott and chad
i miss preschool, where all you did was socialize, and color, and play on the playground,
i miss thinking 5 dollars was like a million..
i miss going on the swing.
i miss having birthday parties where the whole grade was invited.
i miss having mommy stay home with me everytime i was sick, even if it was just a headache.
i miss getting excited over the stupid things.
i miss friends.
i miss everything.*

but most of all i miss you!

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