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Nicole birthday


went to nicoles house for her birthday.it was Hallie Nicole ally jeanine marissa jill michelle del amanda nad me  then from there we fit 10 people in the back seat of an explorer so 5 and 5 into each row. It was sooo squishy but funny.. ally was on the floor half the time lol...then we went to madame tussauds the wax mesueam...SO FUCKING FUN/COOL!!!!!!!!! We walked there from teh parking garage and we went in. We saw so many people ..(pics will be posted over the next few days) WE did such fun stuff...there was this jessica simpson thing game show and Nicole and I got picked and so we went up and we had to asnwer question and Nicole one she was the diva nad i am the ditz. the questions were like how many calories are a ...or how much does blank cost or like fill in teh blanks it was so much fun. i was on teh wbsite here is a descripstion of the things wedid...

Think you can handle The Chamber?
You are transported to the eerie world of Transylvania, where famed monster hunter Van Helsing invites you to join him on a journey where you will encounter the most horrifying creatures to ever walk the earth. This multi-sensory environment, includes gothic architecture, blasts of bone-chilling wind, and blood curdling screams, all of which are heightened by a cast of live actors lurking behind every corner waiting to scare unsuspecting visitors. Are you brave enough to come out the other side with a smile on your face?
this was sooo much fun we were all screaming even the parents and we were holding on to eacvhoter so tightly...i was behind marissa and jill behind me and hten hallie was in front but she ran to infront of me....lol

then we...
Get "Crazy In Love" With Beyoncé  danced with beyonce it was dana hallie amand amichelle and ally...FUNNNY
Beyoncé is no stranger to the limelight but her most talked about appearance may be yet to come when guests of Madame Tussauds are taught her sexiest moves by professional dancers as part of the "Dance with Beyoncé" experience. Beyoncé personally welcomes visitors to join her on stage to "work it" as she and her backup dancers groove to the sounds of the diva's smash hit "Crazy in Love." Live dancers teach guests how to dance like the megastar, and the Diva herself speaks, complimenting those on stage who have the right stuff to back her up.

Are you an American Idol®?
American Idol®, the most popular show on television, has come to Times Square Madame Tussauds style as part of an authentic experience that invites guests to feel what it is like to be a contestant on the hit show as they audition for the show's toughest judge, "Simon." Following their performance on the authentic show set, they brave "Simon's" critique and actually hear what he thinks!!

me michelle amanda hallie and nicole  sang on stage and there was a wax simon and he moved his eyes it was sooo colool

then jeanine did
Now is your chance to live out your baseball fantasies as you step on the mound at Yankee Stadium to take on Derek Jeter. With a packed stadium of die-hard fans going wild, this is your chance to strike out one of the game's best hitters. Ever the good sport, the figure actually speaks to guests with comments about their pitching skills.

we all did this
And You Think Your Family is Messed Up!
The first family of dysfunction has arrived at Madame Tussauds New York and you now have the chance to join in the fun with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne as part of the "Osbourne Family Values" experience. Hang out on the couple's living room couch and listen to their bleeping banter as both figures speak using their trademark bleeped-out expletives and witty retorts.
we jsut took a pic with them

nicole and i did this
Can you weather the challenge?
America's favorite weatherman, Al Roker of the Today Show, is handing over his microphone and weather map exclusively to guests at Madame Tussauds New York and inviting you to step in front of the camera and star in your own live weather segment in our one-of-a-kind interactive "Do the Weather with Al" Experience.

Select one of six regions of the country to forecast from a touch screen. After a personal introduction from Al, it's show time! Stand in front of a giant blue screen, which special technology transforms to look like an animated weather map to the TV viewing audience. Deliver the weather forecast, with a live audience watching, as a camera rolls. A Teleprompter provides the lines, but it's up to you to deliver them with your own flair.

then after all of that we went to chevys for dinner....funny times..marissa bitting my finger..singing happy bday to nicole..the sumbrarror oye soo muchh fun  the squish in the car again

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