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well nothing much has been going on
wed-went to jills house ..interesting nite..it was me jill marni micole marissa ally amanda ian and neil abd thats all ithink... i left early cuz my aunts from florida were here
thurs-no school rosh hashsana...went to temple with michelle..it was fun hid in a room with bari and dara nad michelle and matthew so we didnt get in trouble...bari parked in the cantors spot..where was his car!?!? lol MICHELLLE
then i went home nad we had people over
fri-excused absence so me and michelle hung out..we got a manicure andhten came to myhouse..which only got interesting when jeffrey came home and started slapping michelles ass lol david schatz came and fixed my computer YAY!! then iwent to amanda..OYE well we got waters upstiars came down and i pretented to throw mine at her but it landed all over my pants so it looked like i peed in my pants then i really did have to pee so amanda said I AM GONNA KICK YOU INTHE UTERIS>...it was SOOO funny but i guess u had to be there then....we palyed GUESS WHO and UNO!! PARTY so then iw as sitting at the computer and she started slapping me!! WTF oh wait before i was looking at her toes,,dont as they were in my face and she had the LONGEST_____________ that big toe hair it was so funny so she plucked it off and so bac to the slapping sothen i startto chase her and i got a fork and my water and and spit water and her and pretnene to stab her with my fork..then she got the fork but i had 3 paddles from that game i froget with the table and little net..oohhping pong so i took thoese and sterated hitting her so she had this foam thing and a fork it was soo funny other things

someone in the car...ut oh
smelly grl

many more xoxo
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